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I've hated clinics since I was a med student--I learned very early on that the place where I thrive, where I fit, is the hospital, and the 20 minute focused visits where I'm supposed to address the reason that the patient is there as well as any other issues that invariably crop up (social issues, always social issues) make me crazy.

Granted, my visits with a patient in the hospital usually are as short, if not shorter (ie, morning rounds: "Hi Mr So and so, how did you sleep? Breathing better? Any overnight issues? Okay, well, let me just listen to your heart/squeeze my fingers/press on your belly. I still haven't seen your latest labs/images, but I'll be reviewing them this morning and the whole team will be by to see you later this morning. Oh, probably around 10 or so. Hmm, I'm not sure when you're going home, it depends on if the labs/images are improving. Work hard with physical therapy today. Any questions? Okay, I'll see you later. Have a good morning!"), but the overall effect of seeing them day after day, discussing the case for hours with the team, looking at labs and images and making changes then to the plan, etc... It all makes it seem like there is a much more comprehensive rapport that develops over the 3-4 (or 10) days that they're there in the hospital.

So, anyway. I'm doing outpatient clinics for the next two months (well, we're down to 5 weeks now). And I had been dreading it. Okay, besides the weekends off, the 8 to 5 hours, the no call, dreading it. Strangely, I've really enjoyed the month so far. I've worked in the Allergy clinic, in the Cardiac Arrhythmia clinic, learned how to do PFTs, worked in the VA emergency room, in urgent care. And it's actually been fun. It's definitely better when you have a little more control on what goes on with the patient.

Oh, and the half days off... Brilliant.

Because of the half days and free weekends, I've almost got a social life back. I went to the movies on Friday night (Hellboy, was rather unimpressed, which surprised me, because I had heard such good things about it. Sean Means, my personal movie reviewer *cough* gave it 4 stars! We have never parted company in opinions before. What is the world coming to?), on Saturday, I volunteered at a nursing home playing Bingo with the inhabitants; I was the announcer of the numbers and gave out prizes such as a stuffed purple poodle, that I craved myself.

A friend came by later that night and we made microwave cakes and complained about the shortage of dateable guys in our ward. There's a large group of us who are older and getting slightly bitter (more than slightly in my case), that these guys, who are our age, are only dating the 18-19 year olds, if they're even doing that. We're thinking about starting a support group, because like it or not, the chances of us dating and getting married get smaller every year, and it's a hard realization. I think it's just hitting me now, the fact that I'll be 30 in just a few short, short months. Bah.

CuteIntern is still freaking adorable (although no longer an intern *sniff*). While commiserating with him about the should-have-expected-it ending of Dr. Horrible, he told me to check out a new show. A new show on ABC Family. A new, extremely campy, yet somewhat witty show on ABC Family, entitled "The MIddleman" which should should be checked out by everybody. I had to search everywhere for a streaming video (they lie about the season being available at ABC Family) so if anybody is interested, I can send you the link. It's extremely campy, I don't think I can emphasize that enough and it's exactly why I think some of you will enjoy it. Seriously, take the pseudoscience alieny feeling of Doctor Who, add a good dose of insanity ala Red Dwarf, splash it with the chattiness of Gilmore Girls, and then spoof it all on turbo, and you've got the show.

I'm having an X-Files party tomorrow to get ready for the new movie. I'm so excited, yo! We're going to be watching a couple of our favorite old episodes and then the old movie. Hmm, which ones would you pick?

I've been very, very good about avoid spoilers and reviews, so I haven't heard if the new movie is good or not. I don't care. It's been 10 years since I watched the first one and became an instant X-Files fan. Ten years since I lived and breathed X-Files, watching the new eppys with Sus on Sunday and all the reruns on FX whenever I could catch them, collected action figures (shut up), cut my hair like Dana Scully. I've lost my XF callouses though... I used to be hardened enough that I could watch even the most disturbing episode (Home, anybody?), and not flinch (too much). Now, I'm a wuss; I'm going to be whimpering and cowering in the theaters. I. Can't. Wait.

Please, make it good, Chris Carter. I've cursed your name and doubted you since the series ended. You had over 5 years to get it right.
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Duchovny's new "X-Files" movie should start shooting later this year, he said, directed by "X-Files" creator Chris Carter.

"I've had no compunction about being tied to that character," Duchovny said of his Agent Mulder alter ego. "I doubt I'll ever again play a part as popular as he was."

From here

That sounds like real confirmation. Doesn't it?!? *sigh* They really have perfected stringing the fans along.

(And no, I won't be watching his latest tv series. The speedo was more than enough for me thank you. :) )

Also, Amazon has the X-Files DVDs on sale for less than $25 dollars a season. I've been waiting for this sale for a year now and I know a few people out in friendland were as well.

shout outs

Feb. 11th, 2007 11:32 pm
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Valerie! I got your postcard! *hugs* It so made my day, and your school looks so much fun.. Thank you! One day, I'll actually get my Christmas cards out and reciprocate.

iTunes is carrying Friday Night Lights now...and the first episode is free, so I finally got to see the show that [livejournal.com profile] angel_grace and [livejournal.com profile] eponine119 have been raving about. I think I could easily get drawn in... I was getting into the game (and I loath football) and actually cried at the ending. Already have gotten attached to some characters (Coach and his family. The little sophomore quarterback) and hate some too (the drunk kid. Really rubs me wrong). Guess I'd better be adding this one to the DVD pile.

I was going to answer my interview questions, but they are making me think too much, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. I really need more sleep.


May. 8th, 2006 10:30 pm
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I usually get emotional at series endings. I do. Years ago, I wept over "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" although I had seen maybe two eppys. They represent a change, a era of life that is now over--and I always get emotional at life changes (wow, you didn't know that, did you?). We won't even talk about the waterworks seen with the ending of X-Files. Voyager. Mad About You. Etc.

Many a tear was shed tonight... of utter joy and of utter horror. I mean, 7th Heaven? Ending not with one pregnancy, but three sets of twins, I just about gagged. And the whole flashback scenes or the dream "here's how the wedding ends" dream sequences... *shudders*

I know I have several friends in LJ who like 7th Heaven... so I'll stop now. But I am not going to miss that show. Not at all.

Everwood, however, was awesome. They so know how to handle human emotions and making them real, so even though I'm irrate at their actions, I still love the characters. Anyone heard if they've announced which shows they're keeping next year?

I have to admit that I have a weakness for TLC shows. Like "Little People, Big World" or "What Not to Wear". Or my newest favorite "Jamie Oliver Does School Lunch." I've had such a crush on The Naked Chef... I think it's the accent. And the fact that he cooks.

Started physical therapy today. I've been to these same therapists for the last 4 surgeries, so I'm kinda fond of them. They're older women and very good. My therapist was impressed with all of the progress that I've made--although, I wish I had just a bit more movement. But that's why we go to the therapist. That and the wonderful, massaging electrodes... Mmm. Sweet pain.

Nothing else to report really. I'm flying out to Milwaukee at the end of the month to look at places to live--whether I buy or not is still up in the air. But that's all the excitement in this port. :)

ETA: I was just looking though some old emails and found the link to Chris and Melissa's wedding site. It's still up. The counter on the bottom says "Four days until the big day" and there are smiling pictures of the couple on every page. I haven't seen Chris look that content for a long time. The tears in my eyes are real this time... It still sucks, you know?
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My heart is breaking....

The Unnatural is on tv and I have to go to bed. WAAAHHH! No Mulder and his fine piece of ash, no Jesse Martin... *sniff* *sigh*

I'm not liking the gyn part of my rotation as much. Too much surgery and very little patient interaction. And it's really hard on my body, my shoulder is absolutely killing me. I hope it get better.


Dec. 4th, 2003 11:21 pm
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I was in a pretty good mood today. Cardiology was understandable for once (if only they could manage to put physiology in terms of balloons and gas tanks!) and it got done early, another bonus. My afternoon study session was fairly productive and I didn't get too freaked out when I heard the third and fourth years talking about the horrors of rotations--I so don't even want to think about it, but I'm not being given that chance.

Came home, had a fairly relaxing evening and sat down to watch some television and within ten minutes my blood started to boil.

(I'm still exploring this Livejournal thing and just figured out how to do the cut thing. Of course, I can't resist playing with it! And since it is spoilerish information if you haven't seen it....)

Rant Number One )

What I think irritated me the most about that episode, besides the once again lousy representation of doctors, was the poor research on part of the writers. It's the same problem that I've had with a lot of fanfiction: if you're going to put something in, you'd better know something about it. I don't care if you've never experienced it or it's out of what your interested in--with the internet there and Google, it's not that hard to do it a tiny bit of research. It's been especially grating with all of the pregnancy fics that are floating around on ff.net--last week, I read a story about how Rory slept with a male character, thought the next morning that he was cheating on her--and took a pregnancy test that afternoon!!! I wrote(I thought) a very nice review, told her that I enjoyed it and pointed out that pregnancy tests don't work for at least two weeks. For me as a reader, it was jarring because it made her story unbelievable and because all of a sudden, I didn't know the timetable of things--did two weeks pass and she just not mention it or what?

Of course, my comments didn't seem to encourage her to try to rewrite that scene....

Contrast that with one of my current favorite stories, by [livejournal.com profile] starsinhereyes (Angeleyez on ff.net), Over Time. I don't think that the author has spent any time in a coma, or knows what it's like to come back from one--but she did her research! She read up on comas and amnesia and found websites that explained what swiss cheese memory was. It didn't sound overly medical or preachy, but it was fact-based and that made her already wonderful story even better.

I guess that's why I think the review process is helpful and why I try to give lengthy reviews in return. I do research on just about every one of my chapters--I spent three days tracking down the perfect restaurant for Paris and Brad to go, looking at pictures, even deciding what they ate. Was it too much detail? I want to know where I'm failing, where I'm succeeding. More with where I'm failing--I know when I'm good (there's that modesty issue again). On my last chapter kimlockt reviewed and told me that while she thought I did a good job, she felt that my Jess dialogue wasn't in character. She was right and I knew that, and it's sent me into massive rewrites, where I'm stilltrying to get into that boy's head--still haven't got it, but maybe by the end, I'll be there.

Well, at least I'm not so grumpy anymore.
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