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This was today's "The Writer's Almanac: Literary and Historical Notes" World War I )

I find WWI absolutely fascinating. As a first year medical student, we read this awesome article that suggested that Archduke Rudolf had syphilis which caused him to go crazy, his wife to be barren, and basically was the cause of WWI. Now, that's the type of conspiracy I get behind (of course, I can't find the article any more. :( What I find utterly fascinating is how we are still feeling the affects of this "war to end all wars".
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I spent most of the afternoon browsing around a map store. And oh, it was heaven. I love maps. Maps of places that I've visited. Maps of places I want to go. Ethnic maps. Topographic maps. I've collected a few - I've got a lovely map of the city streets of Antigua that needs to be mounded and a historic map of Ireland that needs a frame. I hope to one day decorate my upstairs (and most likely my bedrooms) with maps and frames pictures of all of the places that I've been to. In Kenya, I almost struck out. The only maps available there were road maps (and as good quality as the roads themselves). So instead, I had a map made for me, on a large plate. It's gorgeous (I shall definitely have to take a picture) and is hanging on my wall.

The map store was amazing. The owner, a grandfather type who followed me around, answering all of my questions, stated that they had over 6000 maps, and after seeing the place, I believe them. They didn't have a map of Kenya, however, their map of Ireland blew mine out of the water (alas, it costed close to $500!). And the globes! Oh, how I want a globe! In the end, grandfather-owner did manage to talk me into a shiny antique map based on some explorer from the 18th century's drawings. It's soo gorgeous and I can't wait to see it on my walls!

When I was in South Africa, I bought this map

It's lovely and exactly what I wanted. Problem is, it's huge (705mm X 670mm, which roughly translates into 27 X 26 inches). And rather square. And I can't find a frame to fit it. I tried to get it priced this afternoon. $160 dollars. For a frame. Of wood. Does this make sense to anybody else?? I've come across this problem before, because I've actually framed some puzzles that now serve as artwork, which were odd sizes (All the World's A Stage and Fairy Tales. Next I want to do The Oath) and I made the frames myself... went to Home Depot, bought the wood, sweet talked the salesboy into cutting it for me and glued, stained, everything. The first time, I used glass and my upstairs neighbors (I think they were the drug dealers) were having some kind of ruckus and it fell and shattered and I redid it in plexiglass. It was time consuming and it took me months (mostly because I'd lose interest). And Liz made me pinky swear that I would never do it again (I think she was really really tired of puzzles by the time she moved out). So I'm stuck.

Any ideas of where I can get a cheap (but decent) frame made?


Mar. 14th, 2007 11:01 pm
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I spent my day off... updating my journal design.

Well not entirely. I did apply for my temporary license where I had to vow with my soul and with blood (okay, with just a notary public) that I was telling the truth and the whole truth that I spent 5 weeks after graduation last year lazing around and moving, instead of doing medical stuff (because heaven forbid I should ever take some personal time and not let TPTB know).

I've been wanting to revamp the journal for a long, long time. My beloved Anne layout had been used for over a year, and I just kept looking at it, longing for something better. It's nowhere near what I want (I gotta figure out how to customize Flexible Squares), but it's a new pretty background that makes me happy. I had really thought about doing a non-fandom layout, but I couldn't resist. It was so bright and cheery.

Tell me how it looks for y'all. Not too fuzzy? Doesn't take too long to load? No white areas? Color okay?

In other news, my patient survived and is doing better. So I'm sleeping better and not being haunted by dreams.

I've lately discovered that iTunes is now carrying Pod casts of several of my favorite NPR radio shows, namely "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" and "News from Lake Wobegon" (wish it was the entire show of A Prairie Home Companion) and StarDate that have been satisfying my inner nerd. Today, I discovered that they are also carrying another Garrison Keillor program, "The Writer's Almanac." I remember listening to this every morning as my parents got ready for school. Plus, I discovered that they have the transcripts online, so I'm very excited at the prospect of introducing some poetry into my daily life again. I've missed that.

And lastly, for at least my amusement: Conversation at work yesterday....

MED STUDENT: Yeah, so {patient} thought that Julia and I were twin sisters. I guess we could be fraternal twins.

ME: That would have been one long gestation period!

MS: I'm 24, how old are you?

ME: *pause* *pause some more* Um. I don't know. Either 27 or 28. I think I'm 27. Wait. No, I'm 27. I think. I had my birthday in November and I'm pretty sure I turned 27. Or maybe it was 28.

MS: You don't know how old you are??

Yes, it's true folks, until yesterday, I didn't know how old I am. Let it be known, that I am officially (according to the computer because I had to look it up on google before I would believe it) 28 years old. In just over a year and a half, I will be 30. Hmmm. I wonder when I'll ever start acting my age.
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where Lisa frees the dolphin and they then take over the world?


I don't know, that dolphin is looking mighty fishy....

(I know I've just been posting frivolous stuff recently. Am quite burned out right now and in need of diversion. The Serious and Complaining Posts will resume shortly, I'm sure.)
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I am a Superhero at procrastination. I should make myself a big cape and sew a P on my chest. But I'll probably find other things to occupy my time.

Consider how I spent my day.

I woke up early to take my friend to the airport (she's flying down to Uruguay to beg the government to let her fiance get a Visa, so they can be married). Looks like a productive start to the day...

And I continue to be super productive by following it up with a 35 minute workout at the gym--something I haven't done in months (as the flab on my belly is so eloquently reminding me)! Go Me!

I have a list of errands to do. Finish Visa Applications. Work on paper that resident has been bugging me about since July. Study for big freaking boards that I take on the 20th (of December).

However, after I finish my shower, I decide that since I went to bed earlish last night, I'd check my email and LJ. Read [livejournal.com profile] eponine119's fantastic short stories and clicked on the link to the inspiration/challenges. There, I read a comment about how she wished that she knew a script to randomly generate names... Hey! I could do that! I used to know HTML and javascript, and since I'm really, really, really wanting to finish my webpage by some point, it would be fun to figure out how to do it. It'd only take an hour or so... I tried javascript--didn't work, too many variables. So what did I decide do? Wipe my hands of the project and say, "well, guess that's it" and move on? Oh no. I decided that since all of the help that I could find recommended using PHP, that that's what I would do.

So, it's now about 12 hours later. Granted, I haven't spent the ENTIRE time trying to figure it out (I did cook dinner. And watched Lost. And an episode of Firefly.). And it still doesn't work. There's something wrong with the code that I can't figure out and blah.

Now I have everything that I didn't do today to look forward to tomorrow! Yay!


Mar. 28th, 2005 10:41 pm
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Maybe it was the National Geographic on the coffee table about the solar system. Or pretty pictures like this from the Hubble spacecraft that make my mouth gape in wonder. Or the fact that I've rediscovered my love for ST:Voyager and it's making me nostalgic (how much nostalgia can one of 26 really have before it become pathological?) and I'm exposing that geeky side...

But I really really want a telescope. Not a big fancy one (yet), but one that if I squinted, I could pretend that I was seeing the rings around Saturn.

I don't suppose any of my illustrious friends out there know anything about telescopes? *wistful* Yeah, it's a long shot.


Started a new rotation today. Psychiatry. I'm still a little too disturbed to start sharing the funny stories. When my attending starting telling me about our patients--the one that they had to so heavily sedate because he attacks everybody, or the one who wouldn't eat anything because she was convinced that we were feeding her our children, or the one, in for a suicidal attempt and talks about how she watched her mother raped and murdered in front of her eyes and then was raped by her uncle at 6... Not to mention those with the sexual disinhibitions. And on and on. Within minutes, I was wide-eyed and twelve again, the small-town girl caught in big-city traffic.

It might be a long six weeks.


On a good note--I did *finally* mange to meet up with the Neurology guy who I've wanted to be my advisor! We got a schedule for fourth year cobbled together (I may not have ruined my chances for residency after all!) and right after, I ran into the other doctor that I'm hoping to get a letter of recommendation from (yes, I ended the sentence with a preposition--whatcha going to do about it?!). After weeks of not getting ahold of anybody, everything is starting to come together. Whee!

P.S. A big big welcome and hug to my latest friend [livejournal.com profile] donnazita who ironically, is my oldest e-friend. We met 6 (no way!) years ago because of a a just-becoming known actor, Ewan McGregor, and our love for him was the building bridge to our friendship.
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Francis Crick's obituary

From an age where exploration in science was as exciting as a treasure hunt for gold, as a teenager, he was truly one of my inspirations. I yearned to make a big, lifetime discovery like that. I devoured "The Double Helix" and although I, as a post modern woman cringed at the flippant remarks concerning Rosalind Franklin, I couldn't help but be in awe. How the pieces of the puzzle, the hunt of the century came together so simply and so beautifully. DNA will always been almost magical to me, even after years of study and sure knowledge of what is it and how it works.

His more recent research in neurosciences still send that tingle of ... calling down my spine:

“It is essential to understand our brains in some details if we are to assess correctly our place in this vast and complicated universe we see all around us.”

Maybe, just maybe I'll answer that calling...

Although I missed the news of your passing, Sir Francis, you will be missed.
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Am much excited by this! I knew there was a reason that I still(?) believed in fairytales!
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