Jun. 10th, 2008 11:10 pm
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For those interested, pictures of the damage and my new, carpetless basement can be found here.

I was about to take pictures of the pond that was my sidewalk/back door and the swamp in my backyard when I noticed that the drains were no longer working, so that's not documented. And I missed getting a picture of me, after I had gone wading outside, with my hair more plastered than Audrey Hepburn's, so ya'll will just have to imagine it. I looked fabulous.

It already smells so much better down there.

I'm hoping that this is the end of the saga...

drying out

Jun. 10th, 2008 05:59 pm
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I came home today and was overwhelmed by the musky smell from my basement. I managed to borrow a carpet cleaner from a friend and used that to suck up tons of water last night, but it was no use. The carpet was still wet and the glue was so saturated that the carpet was just peeling back from the floor. So I continued to help it along and pulled up all the carpet squares, except for those under the couch (which will get down when I get some muscle men here tonight). I had thought about saving it and trying to put it back down once it had dried, but I don't have anyplace to hang them up to dry and they're already sticking together, so they're going to the trash. The floor is a rather dull gray, btw, but I'd take puce if it means that the smell is gone.

We're going for a rug next time. A nice, easy to lift up when the flood waters come again type of rug.

Still on the list to do to make my house better for the next rain:

Clean out gutters
Silicon seal the window pane/sill
Buckets and towels (bad decision to leave all of my crappy towels behind)
Buy new window sill covers ($40 for a piece of plastic!)
Laundry of all of the wet clothes that got caught in the uprising

So much to do. Too lazy to do it.

I'm so thankful that the damage wasn't worse. My next door neighbors had water coming in their back door, flooding their kitchen and spent all night Saturday and Sunday hauling water. Another friend had sewage backup in her basement, which is wayyy worse. And you've probably all seen the video of the houses that floated away and the dam that broke. That would have been truly terrifying. All in all, I've been blessed by friends who were willing to come when I called, a drain that only backup for 20 minutes and then cleared, leaving my furniture, furnance, water heater and washer/dryer and TV functional and mostly dry. And I've got easy to remove carpet as well.
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In the last 5 minutes, the entire sky has turned black. I'm on the 5th floor of the hospital in the room with the big bay windows, so that I can check out a MRI on a patient, and it's freaking me out. An "attention hospital staff: code grey" overhead announcement just went out... severe weather warning (black is the imminent danger/thornado, so I guess it's a bit better) until 11 pm tonight. But this storm system is supposed to last until Wednesday. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to last until Wednesday!

There were at least 5 other people today with tales of woe and floods, including one of my attendings, whose fancy car was buried in 3 feet of water, as he lives at the bottom of the gully. From what it sounds like, Milwaukee has a problem with the drains on the municiple sewer and when the flash storms come, the water is unable to drain and backs up into everybody's basement.
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My basement flooded.


I'm now the proud owner of an emergency sump pump (I got one of the last ones at Home Depot--there were a lot of desperate looking people there), my couch and my washer/dryer are up on cinder blocks, and I've got to make another stop and rent out a Rug Doctor so I can soak up more of the water.

I'm on call tomorrow, so at least it happened today.

ETA: It's been alternating thunderous downpour for 10 minutes, followed by drizzle for 5, rinse and repeat for that last 2 hours. My home teachers helped me out earlier this evening and we got the water drained out of the window sill, but it's filled up again and the little waterfall into my basement has spurted to life again. So far, my drain has continued to work, but there's water dripping from the wash room now as well. I didn't bother going to get the water sucker vacuum; is predicting this same weather for the next 2 days and I'll just save my money until there's a chance I can dry things up.
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So, I am trying to decide how to best spruce up my backyard.

I have this little patio area (pictured here from when the previous owners had it all cute) that is just begging to have some lounging furniture. But alas, I am torn. Do I go for a hammock that can sway gently in the breeze, or do I go for a porch swing? I've always wanted a swing. Some of my favorite memories are relaxing on my grandmother's front porch swing, watching the swallows swoop in and out with food for their babies. But then those memories are tangled with the memories of drifting in the hammock that Liz brought back from Uruguay (until the stupid neighbors stole the ropes we used to tie it to the tree) on warm summer afternoons. So obviously I can't make this decision based solely on nostalgia. :)

My friends last night were also talking about this ceramic fire pit that they had purchased and I almost instantly had visions of a little firepit in my backyard as well. That one is an easy decision; I'm getting one this afternoon. :)

I really want to go camping this afternoon. It's warm enough and should still be in the 50s overnight. Maybe I'll give some of my girl friends a call up and see if they want to come.
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Introducing my new baby,

Came into the world at 39 pounds and after a few hiccuping cries, roared to life and is already spurting snow like it was creamed peas.

Mama's very happy.

lazy days

Dec. 3rd, 2007 10:04 pm
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I woke up late for this morning. I was so exhausted after my shoveling efforts that when I finally went to bed (Erika invited me over for dinner and to decorate her Christmas tree. We watched Pride and Prejudice (the 1995 version of course) and ate really really good food. Worth being extra tired), I slept through both of my alarm clocks and woke up at 7:30. I should have been to work at 7. Big, big oops. I threw clothes on and threw myself out the door. WIth teeth unbrushed and hair that had not been washed for two days (remember, I was post call yesterday). Ugh. I managed to snag one of the cheap disposable toothbrushes provided for the patients (I don't know why more of our patients don't leave AMA after we give them those toothbrushes! My gums hurt so badly!) so I didn't overwhelm those in close vicinity. But I still felt gross.

Luckily, we had 1 patient that we had admitted overnight, and didn't round until after 9. After I discharged home that one guy, I slipped away and took a shower in the residents' call rooms, and felt so much better. But seriously, having time to take a shower on an ICU rotation?!? Something is extremely wrong with that scenario! I got all but 1 of my 15 dictations done, though, so that's also good. I have my semiannual review tomorrow with my program directors, so at least I've minimized the chastisement on that. We'll see about the clinic notes and lecture attendance!

Of course, I'm on call again tomorrow. Of the 11 Tuesdays since I got on the neuro rotations in October, I've been on call for 8 of them. Never mind that there are at least 6 other juniors taking call each month. Don't know whether I should bring this up at my interview tomorrow, as it is ultimately the chief resident's responsibility to make the schedule, but this is definitely a good portion of why I've been less than happy on neuro.

On the bright side, I have the next 6 weekends off! That's something to look forward to!
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Highlights of my weekend:

  • Getting lost in a town of about 2000 people. Three times. (Even funnier is the fact that I got lost in the same town two months ago when I went to the medicine retreat).

  • Arriving (finally) at the cabin, and realizing that David (aka DateBoy) was there who I hadn't seen/talked to since the date. He jumped up to talk to me very shortly afterwards. Very cute. I think there were some pretty intense eye connections during the weekend. *squashes optimism*

  • Jared (in the middle of a conversation with two other people): "You look really cute today. That outfit, your hair, the glasses... yeah."
    Me (staring and blushing, because yes, this is the same Jared: Um, thanks *am lame*

  • The first five minutes of Transformers. Which as a movie, is almost as lame as me. :) *pounds down optimism*

  • Aaron has the prettiest teeth.

  • Tramping out into the woods to star gaze with Tracy and Jonathan.

  • Pajamas and gossip while lying in sleeping bags. Haven't done that since girls camp.

  • Early morning walk, kicking the leaves and enjoying the sunshine as it filtered through the trees. It may have only been 100 yards from the freeway, surrounded by summer homes, but at least I could pretend that I was in "nature."

  • The best breakfast I've ever had. The eggs! *mouth waters*

  • A rambling but short walk in the woods with David who referred to our date a total of three different times. Because of that, I asked him over for Thanksgiving dinner, which may or may not happen. *stomps on optimism*

  • Giggling, laughing bonding with some of the most wonderful people around. I love my ward!

(For a glimpse of the weekend, see here. There may or may not be photographic evidence of my date.)

The other highlights of my weekend included being on call. With a migraine so severe that I almost started vomiting during a physical exam. Luckily, I managed to get some tylenol, ibuprofen and aleve AND take a short nap at 9 pm (until one of the patients decided to develop a heart attack and demand my attention). The night was busier and I only got another hour of sleep, but at least I wasn't overwhelmed. It was manageable. I like manageable.

Oh, and I bought new curtains for my living room, a dark red that is thin enough to allow the summer light through, but thick enough for privacy. Once the room gets painted on Saturday, I think it's going to be gorgeous. I'm so excited.

And I got new pants. That too is very exciting.
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It's rather comforting to know that I spent enough time doing call last year, that even after not doing it for two months, it all comes back. Of course, still haven't had to run a code *knocks fervantly on wood...except I need the maybe I should be wanting it*

Have I mentioned recently how much I love the ICU? Seriously, this is going to be one tough month (I already inherited one of the sickest patients on our service), but oh, it's going to be good. Procedures (I may get to intubate!), very knowledgable nurses, and an unbelievably fabulous team. Two of my favorite residents from last year are on the team and now we're collegues, rather than resident/intern, so it's even more fun. Right now, Sonja and I are watching House. If only things were like a tv show.

Orkin came by and evaluated my house, did I mention that? Two small holes, no evidence of mice inside the house, and certainly no enough for me to justify the expense of having them come every two months. So I cancelled the service. I have to patch the holes myself, and there's been a mouse spotted, running across my back door, so the sooner that gets done, the sooner I'll be able to rest in peace. I'm just glad that I was overreacting. :)
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When my family came and visited, I introduced my sister to Doctor Who. She watched the whole first season while she was here and then, I, being the wonderful sister that I am, lent her the second season. She finished it, loved it appropriately and mailed it to me last Tuesday. Priority. It's now A WEEK LATER and I still don't have it.


I'm about to start a search party. With torches and flyers. Who's with me? My poor DVDs. Luckily, she insured them, but, oh my babies! *sniff* I'm going through withdrawals! I tried to watch my X-Files DVDs last night to make up for the loss, but I'm on the early part of season 4 and the episode was Home, which I have to fastforward anyhow because it's too disturbing (I'd skip it entirely, but it has some of the best Mulder/Scully snark of the entire season) and it just didn't make me feel light hearted and schmoopy. And I'm in the mood for some DW schmoopiness. Either that or dance movies. I got a hankering to do a Strictly Ballroom/Shall We Dansu/Shall We Dance (should I add in Havana Nights, Liz?) marathon. I'm not entirely sure what's wrong with me.


It's my last week on the "easy rotations," my last weekend free for 3 months. I'm looking forward to next month, I'll be in the medical ICU, but it will be Q4 call and they will be very busy calls and very long hours, so it'll be back to the grind. I just got an email with the 18 page orientation document. 18 pages of "Thou Shall Not's" which is just succeeding in making me irate. Nothing like treating a bunch of professional physicians as junior high schools, where we're threatened with "disciplinary action" if we miss a conference.

Oh and to add to the fun, I'll be taking Step 3 the day after I finish the rotation. The day after. When I tried to register for it this month, they were completely booked, I even looked as far as Urbana Ill and nothing. So, all of my free time this next month will be spent craming. Even more fun! Oh, and I'm still doing the whole application thing for my license. Yeah, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

I'm off to the gym, as my attendance will be sharply decreasing next month. I was doing great, down another pound, until this morning, when I stepped onto the scale and it put me back to my starting weight. The scale has been banished forthwith.

ETA: So as I step out of my house to go to the gym, I catch a flicker of movement. Tiny movement. Of a mouse scampering into the foliage right next to my house. And of course, right next to the sidewalk to my garage. I already battled a huge moth in the shower today (in the shower!!) and lost, so I've been a little edgy most of today. So I ran down my sidewalk to my car, having these horribly fantasies that the mice are invading my house--I haven't seen any evidence of them inside, and I've had enough mouse problems in the past that I know what to look for... but, I don't know how that moth got inside either.

Continuing. I get back from working out, open up my garage door, and there, on my sidewalk, is a huge, dead squirrel. The size of a toy dog. Dead. I don't know if it got poisoned or missed a limb, but it's dead. Right outside my garage. I let out a shrink, slammed the door and am now parked out front and sitting on the couch shuddering.

I don't know what I'm going to do. I can't touch rodents. I can't. Live, dead, it doesn't matter. Irrational, I know, but I'm afraid that they're going to jump at me. I guess I'm going to have to be girly and see if my next door neighbor can help me out. Either that or one of the church guys. And I think I'm going to have to get a visit from the Orkin man, because I am not having a mouse infestion this winter. Anybody have any experience with a pest controller, as in a price range?

ETA #2 And it's supposed to down pour tonight. Which means I'll have soggy squirrel to deal with in the morning. Oh, and my trash is being emptied in the morning, which would be an ideal time to get rid of the thing. If I could just force myself to get rid of it! *cries*
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The year of 2006 is now dead, settled into his grave, as the New Year now takes over reign. But, as is my nature, I could hardly let him go without a eulogy.

Highlights, month by month (with pictures! Lots and lots and lots of pictures) )

The New Year started much as the last one faded away... with going to working and being at the hospital. Cardiology wards--promises to be even more fun and stress.

A Happy New Year to all of my friends. I am so eternally grateful that you have decided to share your lives with me. With your friendship, your love and support, I am enriched and blessed.


ETA: Don't ask me why some of the pictures are different sizes. I didn't do it! And if you're reading this and are one of the featured, and don't want to be, let me know. I'm sure I can dig up lots of monkeys and baboons to use instead. (j/k).
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Painting my house has turned into a bigger chore than I had initially anticipated. Natch.

Remember that I stated that I was painting my house because the walls in the office bedroom was peeling? Yeah, well, I've peeled away the big areas, sanded down the entire thing, washed the walls, started to tape it ... and realized that more areas were peeling. Yep. The entire paint job has to go.

So I go and buy paint solvent (after spending numerous hours slowly scrapping away the paint) and spray it on. The reason the paint is peeling? Because there are at least five layers, five layers of paint underneath. The bottom layer, as far as I can tell is a salmon color. But it's going to require lots and lots of paint solvent and very slow dissolving of all of the layers. Not to mention that it's most likely lead based paint at the bottom, so I'm probably going to have all kinds of neurological deficits.

The good news is that I have painted my kitchen. And it's pretty. Pictures will be forth coming when I get everything put back together again. And I think I've made new friends with this project, so there is always a bright side.
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I think it's going to snow. It certainly is cold enough.

Of course, I could be wrong. I thought the same thing, looking out the window near the ICU, only, it was over a 100 degrees and August outside. The air conditioner, which works too well on some hallways, confused me. The people around me must have thought I was insane as I burst out laughing at my mistake.

Things are pretty good around here. I have to leave for a shift in the ER in a couple of hours, and I'm off to take a nap, but I thought I'd say hi, since you know it's been a while.

I spent the day looking at paint swatches and I think I have finally, finally decided how I'm going to paint my house. I've hemmed and hawed about it, because the paint job from the last owners hasn't been too awful... except that the paint is peeling off in my office (top coat is a creamy off white, underneath is "apple blossom green" and quite overwhelming) and staring at the patches has motivated me.

(For help in picturing what it all looks like, the pics to my house are still up at

Details for those curious )

So my next few days will be filled with removing light switch panels and taping all of the window sills and shoving all of my belongings to the middle of the room, so that I can actually paint. Wonder how many rooms I'll do before I get bored of it. :)

Not sure what else is going on. Work is work. I definitely do not have the ADD personality that is needed for a career in emergency medicine--always good to know that the careers you decided against really don't mesh with your personality, but it's been enjoyable seeing the patients from the moment they walk in, and figuring out what's going on. The past two shifts that I've worked, every single person, except 2, have been there because of abdominal pain. The best part? Not one of them had the same cause to their pain. I've gotten very good with my differential diagnosis for that!

Okay, now it is really time for some sleep. Ta!
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Someone rang my doorbell and then walked into my house about a half hour ago. I'm still a little jumpy over it.

It's okay, I'm okay, 'twas my neighbor's friends who apparently got the houses confused... but I had been downstairs watching X-Files episodes, and it's been long enough since I watched them that I was already on edge. And it was my own stupid fault... I had been out on my front porch sweeping it a bit (my place is looking a little worn down because I haven't had time to mow or anything), and didn't lock the door when I came back in. I think I've cured myself of that little slippage.

Anyway, I ran upstairs, yelling. I honestly don't know what possessed me to do that, except the thought that if somebody was robbing me/waiting to rape me, I'd make enough of a ruckus to bring everybody in the neighborhood over. *shudders* They had left by the time I got up there, which is a good thing--I think I would have had a heart attack if I had actually seen somebody in my house.

I will not be telling this story to my parents. I can't even imagine their freakoutage. But I am putting bats/heavy objects on the "to buy" list to keep by my doors.
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I haven't posted much this last month, have I?

It's been a hard month in ways that have been difficult to put down on paper (er, virtual paper). Work has been overwhelming, in many ways. New hospital, new system, new attendings, new colleagues, and new service, as I've been working as a neurology resident this month, rather than medicine. Calls have been hard. Every fourth night, up all night, getting paged on three different pagers all at the same time over and over and over. Having an extremely busy service, which means less time to study and learn, so that I felt even more stupid than usual. Being 2 years since my last neurology rotation, so even though once upon a time, I actually knew this stuff inside and out, it's gone now.

My first call night, I seriously reconsidered my decision to do neurology and internal medicine. Hated neuro, loathed the call, but I survived it.

I've had that thought a half dozen times now, and it hasn't necessarily been a light hearted "I wonder if" kinda of thought. It's been the "I wonder if I go and talk to the director, I can get out of this" kind of thought. It's probably due to exhaustion. But I'm facing a 5 year stent of exhaustion and if I can't handle the first months...

I've persevered and have decided that I definitely need more exposure (and rotations with a different resident, because I think my senior resident tainted my perspective) before really making the decision. But it's never a good thing to find yourself in the middle of a life crisis--in the middle of responsibilities with no place to run.

And I don't mean to suggest that all is bad. Far from it, I've had some excellent days. I have great patients right now and I've discovered that I still love wokring in the ICU and the ICU especially seems like the perfect place to combine neuro and medicine in the ways that I want... It's more the thought of surviving the neuro residency which is much more overwhelming than I thought it was going to be. I was on call last night... we admitted 4 patients, had 3 consults (other services wanting our opinion on their patients), saw another patient and transferred them to another service, and admitted another to the NICU (neuro ICU). On top of this, I was taking calls from patients of the neuro attendings (who don't have a freaking answering service, so it's the extremely ignorant interns like myself who are fending calls on very complex patients), and managing the 30 or so patients on the floor and ICU. I'm getting more used to it, and I had an excellent resident to work with, who really made my workload easier. But I still filled up 2 of the 3 pagers, one of them I had to clean off twice.

Next month will be better. I'll be solely in the NICU (part of the problem with this month is that the first part of the month I spent in the ICU and the second part I've been on the general neuro team. And they both require some adjustment!), and I won't be taking call. AND, I have most weekends off. AND I have a week of vacation (9 days straight). Maybe that's why I keep thinking it's September, because, I really, really, really want it to be.

On a completely different subject...

I'm really in the mood for a layout change to my LJ. After seeing [ profile] juno_magic's incredible lovely layout, mine has looked blah and uninteresting. But I don't have time to (re)learn the CSS code and play with it, or design the background (still wanting Anne, just don't know which one. Collage of Anne and Diana? Pretty PEI pictures? Mushy Anne/Gilbert? Autumn themed to get me in the mood?), which leaves me in this state of perpetual longing and frustration that I can't figure it out. *sigh* Maybe that will be one of my vacation goals.

My raspberry bush is getting a second batch of fruit! Yay! I had fresh raspberries every day for the month of July, I hope that this batch last as long. Have I mentioned that it was the raspberry bush that convinced me that this place was supposed to be mine? It is such a delight to go out and pick the berries and plop them in my mouth--and then smile condescending to the poor saps in the grocery store who are paying $4 a carton for not as good berries (of course, when you think of it, I paid a LOT more for the privilege of mine, but I think there are other perks with my purchase. :) ) Next year, I'll be planting strawberries, I do hope they do as well.

Anybody out there who has a webcam? And uses a PC? I'm trying to see if iChat will allow me to webcam with someone who isn't using iChat, but still is on AIM. If you do and would be willing to experiment, let me know. Chris is talking about getting one and I gotta make sure that if he did, I could actually talk with him.

I'm needing a new computer. My dear Flower Power iMAc has been a faithful companion for five years now, but I've filled up just about all of the memory and she is starting to creak--I can't burn CDs any more, except at a snail's pace, web browsing is slow, etc. It's also becoming an issue of incompatibility--the Internal Medicine dept. gave me a Pocket PC that is virtually useless, because I can't get it to synch with my computer and unfortunately, the hospital is all PC based, and so I haven't been able to access some programs that I had hoped to. I've been strongly tempted to get a MacBookPro, which would solve all of those issues with the duel boot capabilities, but it's so expensive and I'd be saving my pennies for a long time before I could afford it. A little iBook I could get now and would for the most part do just great. Decisions, decisions.

And I think that's the end of the update with my boring little life. Hope all is going well with you. I've missed my interactions with you, the little chats and mingling of our lives. You are all in my thoughts.

Online Friendship

The true friends who we meet online
are a very special kind
They pierce your shields and see within
the corners of your mind
They're always there when you're in need
with their power to discern
They feel your pain...........they offer hope
and genuine concern
We bare our souls, expose our hearts
and show our inner fears
and then before you know it
the keyboard's stained with tears
And if we could see them through that screen
then no one could deny
that to be a TRUE online friend
they too must surely cry.

~Author Unknown~

(A wee bit sappy, but I had to share. And the sentiments apply to my RL friends, which I hope they know.)

the news

Jun. 6th, 2006 12:33 am
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I headed out of town on pretty short notice for the weekend, up to visit my grandparents. I wish I could have spent a couple more days there...there are so many memories of vacations there... playing "pioneers" under the willows, starting the "Cove Country Cousins Club," dressing up in the girls dorm. It's always a place of reflection, of literary and politic discussion with my grandparents, of reminiscing of camping trips (my grandpa can tell some doozies. Although I could have done without all of the mice tales).

It was hard to say goodbye... knowing that it'll be most likely a year before I see them again... a year when they are already getting older and frailer. They celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary while I was there. 58 years. I started to cry as I left. One more goodbye. One more uncertainty.

I had hoped to stay longer--two days was hardly enough time. But unfortunately, I had business back at home...contacting my bank, faxing contracts and bank statements, writing out checks, because...


:) After a day and a half of bartering with (as Chris put it) persnickety sellers who refused to go down, we managed to reach a settlement that while it wasn't the best, satisfied everybody. I still have to be approved for the loan, and the place gets inspected tomorrow, but hopefully, the place will close on the 23rd, ready for me to move in.

Wanna see pictures of it? Go here: We visited it twice and in that time, the family had already moved out a lot of their belongings, so you can get a sense of what it will look like when I move in with my very meager belongings.

I'm very excited, even with all of the oh-so-fun paperwork. It's going to be tight living for a while, but I think it's worth it. I'm already planning out the guest room, to entice many many visits. :)

Teh House

May. 31st, 2006 11:57 pm
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Well, I made an offer.

After much consideration and hashing out every issue with my dad and visiting both the little house and the condo that I was most interested in 3 times I made the decision to try for the house. It was such a hard decision, because there were pros and cons to each that seemed to equalize everything. The condo was a little newer (but still 40 years old) and taxes were better and the basement was more finished... but the HOA fee was much higher and it was further away and the carpets were old (and kinda smelly) and would probably need to be replaced. The house was older, but in good condition and the yard is small and manageable (at least it seems so now!), and was much closer to the hospital (not really walkable, but I can drive there in less than 10 minutes) and I liked the neighborhood better, and the resale value was better. In the end, it came down to the fact that I didn't want to feel like I was living in a glorified apartment... and part of me really, really wanted a house that I could putter around a bit. I'll probably feel differently once I have to mow every other week or when snow come (but the hours that I was going to be working, there's no way that any association would have removed snow by then, so that's almost moot), but by then I'm counting on myself finding a Luke to do all of the maintenance for me. Either that or a handsome albeit moody neighbor boy needing some cash with a pushy uncle. ;)

Of course, there's no guarantee that they're going to accept my offer. I've felt really good about my decision all evening...until now, as I get ready for bed and the paperwork is finished and all I'm left with is my thoughts and I'm a little freaked out. What if I'm not weighing things properly? How am I going to afford all of it any way? And so on. I'm trying to ignore that little whisper that I've made a mistake, because I really don't think that I have...

P.S. Pictures are forthcoming. I just have to get them on this computer.
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Buying a house is hard.

I really recommend never growing up. Certainly never getting a job and moving half-way across the country. Because that was the easy, cushy, wonderful life.

Am quite stressed out, because there are a million different variables that don't compare to each other. I don't know if I've found a place yet that I want to buy--there are a few that are tempting, but then I just get overwhelmed trying to decide.

Anybody out there have any perspective on the whole condo vs. traditional house argument?
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