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It was one of those rare occasions where Chris and I both had the same day off work, so we made plans to meet up. Of course, as is always the case, his free day was rapidly trimmed from all day to just a few hours mid-afternoon, but as I have not talk to him more than a total of 10 minutes over the last two months, I grabbed at the chance to spend a few hours together.

The weather was gorgeous when I left around noon. Chris called to say that he had finished his 65 mile (!!!) bike race and we made plans to meet in about an hour. 30 minutes down the road, I pass a sign. "Freeway closed ahead."

They weren't kidding.

Suddenly, traffic was diverted from the 3 lane highway to a 1 lane, narrow country road that was heading south. The perpendicular direction of where I wanted to be heading. No matter, I'd take one of the east-west routes... only big signs were plastered that those roads were closed further on.

I drove on. And on. And on. And eventually made it out to another highway, where I discovered that I was now as far away from Madison as when I started out.

It took me 3 hours to get to Madison. THREE HOURS.

By the time I got there, found my way downtown (missed a turn, ended up in Oregon), argued about where to meet for lunch, got lost, etc, etc, my afternoon visit turned into a mere hour. We met with a couple of his friends, started to eat lunch.... and then it started to downpour. "Lunch" was spent huddled under an awning, and after the rains slowed, I drove them to their cars, and said goodbye, because they all had to get ready for a dinner that night.

I did manage to get a map this time and we plotted the way back (where I once again missed a major turn). The adventures on the way back were almost as fun. The road I was taking had a washed out bridge...something not mentioned until you were there at the bridge, so I had to back track. At one point, it started dropping torrential rain and hail, so heavy I could barely see the road and the wind was gusting hard enough it almost pulled me off. I did manage to pull over and wait some of it out, but I was concerned that if I waited too long, those rains would cause further washouts, so I crept my way forward, until I made it to the freeway. The east bound freeway was open and I drove it the rest of the way home. There was water from the overflowing rivers on the west side, so really, I'm a little glad that they closed it, although I certainly wasn't feeling that way driving out.

All in all, I put 220 miles on my car, drove over 5 hours, for a hour lunch that got soggy. Somehow, I think it was worth it.

I've missed my friend so much, I don't think I could ever find the words. For four years, he was such a part of my life, that this... "acquaintance"ship where we talk once every couple of months for 20 minutes and don't share anything important is killing me (Sidenote to all of my friends out there who I talk to once a month--it's different. You and I get on the phone and gab for hours. We really catch up on everything. You aren't flitting off to your real life within minutes of getting the update that I'm alive). We do great when we get together in person, that old camaraderie is felt in full force--we tease each other and laugh and it's great. So I'll take any chance I've got to get that back, if even for an hour on a random afternoon.

(More pictures that I took during the trip can be found here. I unfortunately was not able to get the really cool pictures of the rain storm as I was gripping my steering wheel in fear of my life. Just take my word that it was awesome.)


Jun. 10th, 2008 11:10 pm
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For those interested, pictures of the damage and my new, carpetless basement can be found here.

I was about to take pictures of the pond that was my sidewalk/back door and the swamp in my backyard when I noticed that the drains were no longer working, so that's not documented. And I missed getting a picture of me, after I had gone wading outside, with my hair more plastered than Audrey Hepburn's, so ya'll will just have to imagine it. I looked fabulous.

It already smells so much better down there.

I'm hoping that this is the end of the saga...

drying out

Jun. 10th, 2008 05:59 pm
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I came home today and was overwhelmed by the musky smell from my basement. I managed to borrow a carpet cleaner from a friend and used that to suck up tons of water last night, but it was no use. The carpet was still wet and the glue was so saturated that the carpet was just peeling back from the floor. So I continued to help it along and pulled up all the carpet squares, except for those under the couch (which will get down when I get some muscle men here tonight). I had thought about saving it and trying to put it back down once it had dried, but I don't have anyplace to hang them up to dry and they're already sticking together, so they're going to the trash. The floor is a rather dull gray, btw, but I'd take puce if it means that the smell is gone.

We're going for a rug next time. A nice, easy to lift up when the flood waters come again type of rug.

Still on the list to do to make my house better for the next rain:

Clean out gutters
Silicon seal the window pane/sill
Buckets and towels (bad decision to leave all of my crappy towels behind)
Buy new window sill covers ($40 for a piece of plastic!)
Laundry of all of the wet clothes that got caught in the uprising

So much to do. Too lazy to do it.

I'm so thankful that the damage wasn't worse. My next door neighbors had water coming in their back door, flooding their kitchen and spent all night Saturday and Sunday hauling water. Another friend had sewage backup in her basement, which is wayyy worse. And you've probably all seen the video of the houses that floated away and the dam that broke. That would have been truly terrifying. All in all, I've been blessed by friends who were willing to come when I called, a drain that only backup for 20 minutes and then cleared, leaving my furniture, furnance, water heater and washer/dryer and TV functional and mostly dry. And I've got easy to remove carpet as well.
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In the last 5 minutes, the entire sky has turned black. I'm on the 5th floor of the hospital in the room with the big bay windows, so that I can check out a MRI on a patient, and it's freaking me out. An "attention hospital staff: code grey" overhead announcement just went out... severe weather warning (black is the imminent danger/thornado, so I guess it's a bit better) until 11 pm tonight. But this storm system is supposed to last until Wednesday. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to last until Wednesday!

There were at least 5 other people today with tales of woe and floods, including one of my attendings, whose fancy car was buried in 3 feet of water, as he lives at the bottom of the gully. From what it sounds like, Milwaukee has a problem with the drains on the municiple sewer and when the flash storms come, the water is unable to drain and backs up into everybody's basement.
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My basement flooded.


I'm now the proud owner of an emergency sump pump (I got one of the last ones at Home Depot--there were a lot of desperate looking people there), my couch and my washer/dryer are up on cinder blocks, and I've got to make another stop and rent out a Rug Doctor so I can soak up more of the water.

I'm on call tomorrow, so at least it happened today.

ETA: It's been alternating thunderous downpour for 10 minutes, followed by drizzle for 5, rinse and repeat for that last 2 hours. My home teachers helped me out earlier this evening and we got the water drained out of the window sill, but it's filled up again and the little waterfall into my basement has spurted to life again. So far, my drain has continued to work, but there's water dripping from the wash room now as well. I didn't bother going to get the water sucker vacuum; weather.com is predicting this same weather for the next 2 days and I'll just save my money until there's a chance I can dry things up.
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