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*looks back*

I survived my first month of internship. I actually finished yesterday and had my last precious day off (spent once again tackling the loan issue. Still no answer, but I'm not giving up) today. It wasn't that bad, really, this first month, I certainly expected worse. I was busy, but not horrendously so. My patient load was fairly light (I averaged about 3 patients, the most 6 on my first day, a couple of 0 that was really sweet), I was on a great team, worked with fabulous medical students who were eager, humorous and brilliant, had great attendings, two call nights where I got 6 hours of sleep around calls, and most days didn't have to arrive at the hospital until around 7:30.

So, only 71 more months I guess. :) But who's counting.

I start working in the Neuro ICU tomorrow. It's been over a year since the last time I did critical care and over a year and a half since I did adult neurology. So, I think it's going to be much more of a learning curve... I guess I'll be finding out whether or not this neurology thing is really for me.

I've spent the last couple of evenings watching the first season of Everwood on DVD. I started watching it because i was a little homesick (after the pilot, it was all filmed in Utah. They used to shoot scenes near where I lived and oh! those mountains!), but I got sucked in. I had forgotten how incredible their first season was... I'm not a big fan of first seasons of most shows (Buffy, Voyager, XF).. where the writers and the actors struggle to figure out how the story is going to unfold, but honestly, I think the first season was the best of the four of Everwood. The acting is honest and raw, every human emotion is so poignant and touching and real. This, this is what is great television, with (mostly) medically accurate portrayals to boot! Do yourself a favor...find it, rent it, buy it, watch it.

And that is the end of my commercialism preaching today.
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Just passing the word on...

Amazon has the Season 1 DVD of Everwood on sale for $16.99. The WB has not released any other seasons of it on DVD< due to poor sales when it was first released (I'll admit, I didn't buy it).

It's now #7 on the Amazon list Amazon link

Normally, I don't try to encourage consumerism, but if you do like Everwood (or would like to get into it), consider buying the DVD. Maybe, just maybe, they'll release the other seasons and/or renew Everwood for the midseason once 7th Heaven finally dies and we are rid of that decaying, smelly corpse of a show. :)

ETA: I feel like I have now done my civic duty. :) My review for 7th Heaven showed up (so far only one person, my sister, has found the review helpful), but if my 1 star can help bring down the ratings and send a message that decent people don't like that show, then it's worth it. And I've submitted a review for Everwood as well... :) I feel good.
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I decided to go through and collect all of the various icons that I've been practicing on over the last several months. (Why I'm doing this and not sleeping I don't know--especially since I start my new rotation tomorrow and have no idea where I'm supposed to go).

I had started out making Olympic icons this year, and realized shortly that the icons that I really wanted to make were of skaters of the past. Unfortunately, all of the pictures that I could find of such skaters were of very poor quality, so these few were a bloody pain to make. And, yes, I realize that the Olympics are over, but I'm a nostalgic kind of person. If there is an interest, I have a few more pictures of the skaters that I could try to manipulate into something.

Quite a few are variations of each other--different coloring that is much more subtle once they are uploaded, different wording. Most of these are the product of late night emperimentation. You've been warned.

If you like any, could you let me know? Just an idea of what's working, what should be avoided at all costs would be nice. :D

Olympics (18 - including variations. 3 Sasha Cohen (inspired by [livejournal.com profile] behrbemine devotion), 3 Sergei Grinkov/Ekaterina Gordeeva, 3 Jamie Sale/David Pelletier, 6 Torvill/Dean, 1 Torino Olympic logo, 2 SLC Olympics (the best of all Olympics!!))
Olympics )

Eva Cassidy (4)
Eva )

Voyager (7 - 2 Tom Paris, 1 Paris/Torres, 4 Seven of Nine)
Voyager )

Anne (11 - 4 Anne, 4 Anne/Gilbert, 2 Anne&Diana, 1 Anne&Marilla)
AoGG )

James Christensen (13)
James Christensen )

Everwood (6 - 3 Hannah, 3 Bright/Hannah)
Everwood )

Random (Ewan, X-Files, A Walk to Remember, Bend It Like Beckham, The Slipper and the Rose)
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I missed all but the last fifteen minutes of Everwood. Including the welcome home scene and kiss. :( :( :(

My patient tried very hard to die on me today, and completely freaked me out. And my resident who overlooks me had the day off. So it was just me, trying to figure out what in the world I'd even do. Luckily, I pounced on one of the other residents and he shouted out orders and everything turned out okay (I think), but it really started my day out on a stressful note and didn't change all day.

I have stories to share, gripes to make, but I am so freaking exhausted that I'm calling it an early night and hitting the sack.

:) Night all.
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I thought this summer would be as most summers. Bereft of new episodes of my favorite shows, my only other option of shows to watch would be old reruns of M*A*S*H. And then, I switched to the USA channel for some good L&O: SVU, and within minutes was hooked on "The 4400". I had seen it advertised last year, and thought that it was some show about Jehovah's Witnesses and the religious Armageddon (*blush* What? 4400 is pretty to 144,000!) and it just didn't seem like my kind of show.

Boy was I wrong! My sister filled me in on the premise and what happened last season, and I've become completely absorbed. The acting is incredible--really well done from everybody, the storyline's great, and it feels like old time X-Files--without the monsters-of-the-week. I'm so excited!

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Saw the preview for the new Pride and Prejudice movie... To me, the Bible of P&P will always be the A&E version--I can watch all 5 hours of it, and have numerous times, and not even notice the time passing. Could you even imagine a Mr. Darcy who is not Colin Firth? Sacrilege! But trying to be fair, Keira Knightly at least looks the age of Elizabeth, which unfortunately, Jennifer Ehle did not. And hopefully, this time, Jane will actually be the prettiest girl in the town, rather than the horse-looking girl with the funky neck and side curls. I mean, I snickered every time Elizabeth said "and you are quite five times as pretty as the rest of us" wondering what their standards of beauty were back then. It does look like that it will be an enjoyable 2 hours though, and yes, I do admit to being excited for it.

And the preview for RENT?? Jesse Martin singing??Add to that Ewan McGregor is playing Sky Masterson! Sky! *swoon* Anybody wanna do a London trip? :)
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It's been one of those days/weeks. I got a parking ticket today. I was late for rounds this morning--rounds that I had to present at, and decided to risk parking in visitor parking, and got caught. *sigh* My wallet was already looking very pitiful....

It's also been one of those weeks where I've been doing a lot of thinking--not a good combination with little sleep. But it's something that I need to get down on paper, so *gestures*. Three things happened this weekend--and for being on call on Saturday and Sunday, and not one of them being work related, that's pretty impressive--three things that started this rumination. I guess to have a better understanding, a little back history is needed.

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Everwood was phenomenal. I think I'm still weak in the knees. Becks, there's clips up already at http://www.shippwrecked.org/somethingmore/--medium quality, but I'm hoping that they'll be posting some good ones somewhere soon. I'm holding you to that video!

Tomorrow is (hopefully) my last call night at the ICU. It's been a rather incredible experience, and I've learned so much. Friday, I'll have to do a big post, summarizing my experiences. Remind me.
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